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Colored Stucco
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Tim & Cathy Conner Carlsbad CA

"Joe with JRP not only did a great job for us they were amazingly clean and showed up when they said they would. We would use them again."

Matt Atteberry City of Vista Engineering - Vista CA

"Thanks for the help with our Brengle terrace park project."

Julie Powel - Vista CA

"I am very happy with the way our smooth finish home turned out JRP was one of our best subs, they did a beautiful job on our new custom home and they were pleasant to work with."

Debb Green - Poway CA

"What a great crew and with Joe's creative idea's, our home turned out better then we anticipated - Thanks."

Tony Flyn - San Diego CA

"JRP performs each time on my jobs and the clients always have great things to say; and that makes things run smooth, just a great sub!"

Ann Atkins - Falbrook CA

"Joe and the whole team at JRP really made my dream come true with our new straw bale home and made it look just as we hoped for; we couldn't ask for a better stucco company."

Gerardo Cruiz - Stevenson Ranch CA

"As a developer I have seen my share of subs and JRP really sets a great standard and made my beachfront project go smoothly."

Horn Blower Yachts Inc. - San Diego CA

" Thanks for helping us on our restoration project, we love your work."

Garry & Shawn Rettig - Fairbanks CA

"We needed our foundations repaired and we were a little nervous about having to make repairs and not damage our beautiful landscaping but JRP and his crew did an amazing job and left our home very clean. Thanks!"

Mr & Mrs Schroder - Old Town SD

"What a great job they did for us on our restucco and addition - thanks!"

Tom Neilson - Oceanside CA

"As fire fighter I am away from home a lot and having a JRP really helped us get in our home sooner then we expected and did a great job! It's nice to know you leave and still get things done and done right without having to worry."

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