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JRP Plastering and Stucco can repair and renew any damage to your homes' finishes!


Broken or Rusty FHA Stucco Screeds

San Diego Stucco Metal screeds are designed to be open and exposed at the bottom of your stucco as a vent point for moisture, and they should never be covered completely by standard stucco. Replacement or repair of these broken or rusty screeds can be done without taking off the entire wall.

You can also help prevent more damage to your home by making this repair once the screed has been compromised, in most cases by this point the paper has been severely deteriorated, thus leaving your home vulnerable to moisture intrusion and possible mold. If soil is against your stucco screed or covering it up this will cause damage.

In recent years we have found several other companies have thought it to be acceptable to cover the bottom of Metal FHA screeds, causing them to back up or buck moisture at the bottom as you can see in our photo and this will lead to a more rapid breakdown.


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Our Repair Services Include:


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  • Rejuvenation
  • Flaking Stucco Repair
  • Interior Textures and Ceiling Removal
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